Media Examples

(For introduction. Customize your character, record up to 60 seconds and embed in wiki).

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Audacity Podcast
(Record in Audacity, export as MP3, upload to wiki -- audio player is created automatically. Creative Commons music from ( "Stop," by Ghost K.

(Export Powerpoint slides as PNG or JPG. Upload to Voicethread. Record and annotate in Voicethread, set to Public, then embed in wiki).

(Upload regular Powerpoint to Slideshare. Record narration in Audacity, export as MP3, upload MP3 to wiki, link to Slideshare and set timings. Embed in wiki).

(Draw and narrate in Sketchcast, embed in wiki. This would look a lot better if writing on a Smartboard or using a tablet with pen!)

(Create then run regular Powerpoint slideshow, start video capture in Jing. Keep content in CENTER of slide, so video capture is not too large and also so you can progress Powerpoint using the buttons in lower left of slide. Ink annotations are optional. Publish to and embed in wiki).

Photostory / TeacherTube

Save Powerpoint slides as JPG or PNG, import into Photostory, add captions, record narration. Save as movie and upload to TeacherTube. Embed in wiki).

Smart Recorder / Teacher Tube (could also upload to Blip.TV or YouTube)
Print Powerpoint to Smart Notebook using Smart Notebook Print Capture. Select screen area to record using Smart Recorder. Upload to TeacherTube. Embed in wiki.
Write directly into Smart Notebook, use Smart Recorder to capture area. Once again, this would look a lot better if you were writing on the Smartboard or using a tablet. Upload to TeacherTube. Embed in wiki.

(Powerpoint slide exported as JPG, imported into Gliffy for annotation, then inserted "medium size JPG" as linked image in wiki).


(Created in Powerpoint, captured then annotated in Jing. Saved to file, then uploaded to wiki. This was faster and easier than Gliffy).
external image m.jpg