Multimedia Tools

Audacity -
Free audio recorder. Record explanations to embed as podcast or to add to Slideshare presentation to create a Slidecast. Must install lame_enc.dll in order to export as mp3. If uploaded to wiki, audio player is automatically generated.

Gliffy -
Create a diagram to explain steps for problem using text boxes and connection arrows (like Inspiration).

Jing -
Create and narrate a screencast showing problem steps. Will capture anything on screen (such as Smart notebook or Powerpoint slide). Each screencast can be up to five minutes. Jing also allows you to create a screen image and add text box annotations.

Photostory 3 -
Import images (such as Powerpoint slides saved as JPGs) and add audio narration. Save a video and upload to TeacherTube.

SketchCast -
Draw or write and narrate simultaneously

Slideshare -
Upload a powerpoint, record audio narration and synch to create a slidecast.

Smart Recorder (part of Smartboard Software) -
Create a video capture within Smart Notebook, writing by hand or using pre-developed notebook pages or Powerpoint slides. Upload to TeacherTube and embed in wiki.

TeacherTube -
Create a Smart screen recording, Photostory or Flip video and upload here to embed in the wiki.

Voicethread -
Upload slides (JPG exported Powerpoint or Smart notebook pages) and add audio, text or video commentary. Draw on the slides as you narrate. Allow others to comment on the thread.

Voki -
Animated introduction to your topic, up to 60 seconds.