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A student-created review for AP Calculus BC

The work on this site was produced by a class of AP Calculus BC students at the end of the 2007-8 school year. We welcome your feedback. Please click the Discussion tab at the top of any page to leave a comment.

S m A L L

s T Uppercase O || Houston, Tx cast N Brass Letter E DSC_1190

(Above images created using Spell with Flickr. Click any letter to see original image with attribution and CC license info.)


  • Intro paragraph (explain your topic). May use a "Voki" or audio podcast.
  • Two different problems and solutions, with solution steps explained.
  • Two different problems with answers only.
  • Links for further, specific resources. (May be embedded as RSS feed from your delicious account).
  • List of resources used.
  • At least one multi-media component. See Media Examples for ideas on presentiing problems and solution steps.